Ann Arbor man critically hurt in Accident

July 6, 2014, it seems as though the fourth of July is always a busy weekend for accidents. A man was critically hurt early today in an unusual situation. This accident took place in a Traverse City alley. There was a vehicle involved in this incident but it left the scene. The gentleman was 21 years old and he is from Ann Arbor. According to City Police the accident happened at 2:30 a.m. in the South alley of the 100 block of East Front Street, just east of the Union Street Station Bar. Usually nothing good happens in an alley especially at 2:30 in the morning.

There was a witness that told police that the occupants were in a dark colored SUV talking to a group of people near the alley. According to this witness there was a man running alongside the SUV as it left the alley. He saw the victim fall and tumble next to the moving car as it continued toward Cass Street. The witness believes there were four or five people in the SUV, with the driver and the passenger both being male African-American. What were all of these people doing in the alley in the early morning hours? Hopefully, the Traverse City Police will find the answer to this question.

The police now believe the vehicle was a dark metallic blue Chevrolet or GMC SUV, possibly a Tahoe or Yukon, which is missing a driver’s side door handle. A vehicle part was found near the scene. If anyone has information regarding this vehicle or the incident which occurred in the alley please contact the Traverse City Police Department. There may be just a little information that you may be aware of that could help the Police find the people responsible for this accident. For additional information, see more at

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