Child custody lawyers of Michigan – simplify your custody issues

At Goldman & Associates we employ some of the most outstanding Michigan child custody attorneys As you may already know child custody may seem like a daunting task to a parent. Possibly you feel scared, confused or maybe even a little frustrated with all the new terminology headed your way. Hopefully this article will help to put your mind at ease.

Child custody and the circuit court

Let’s cover some of the basic terms that a Michigan child custody lawyer may use. The circuit court is the trial court in Michigan which hears many types of cases. Custody, parenting time and child support are heard by a judge in the family division of this court. If you will be dealing with a child custody case you will be dealing with the circuit court.

Child custody defined

What is a complaint? This is simply a document filed with the court in an original court action that asks for one form of relief. Michigan child custody lawyers draft complaints on a daily basis. The word custody refers to the care and keeping of anything or anyone. Child custody refers to the rights and responsibilities for each parent and child. Remember custody is not a term that refers to ownership but rather a determination of the time a child is going to be with each parent.

A custody evaluation

A custody evaluation is quite simply the process of gathering information that is submitted in a report that includes a recommendation for custody and parenting time. A custody evaluator is the person that gathers information and evaluates factors then provides custody recommendations to the domestic referees and judges. At Goldman & Associates we pride ourselves with the finest child custody attorneys of Michigan.