Dave Rexroth, Chief Meteorologist at WXYZ, loses sight in eye due to fireworks

July 4, 2014

One of Michigan’s very own, Dave Rexroth, was seriously injured in a fireworks accident on Friday, July 4th, 2014. It is reported by WXYZ that he was vacationing with his family in Iowa City, Iowa. This accident was so severe that Dave lost the sight in his left eye. He is scheduled to undergo surgery on Wednesday. The hospital is located in Iowa City. This will be the first step in a process of Dave receiving a prosthetic eye. It is reported that he expects to fully recover by September.

Ed Fernandez, vice president and general manager of WXYZ had this to say “Our thoughts and prayers are with Dave and his family and they have our full support during this difficult time. As Dave recovers, we’ll provide updates on his progress-and we look forward to his return to Action News.” Dave Rexroth was named Chief Meteorologist at WXYZ in August 2010. He provides the latest weather updates and forecasts for all of southeast Michigan. Dave has been forecasting for nearly 20 years.

Dave Rexroth spent three years as the evening meteorologist at WFOR-TV in Miami. He started his career in Des Moines, Iowa at WOI. Dave is once quoted as saying “I like to laugh, and I try to find humor in most situations, but when there is nasty weather it’s my priority to make sure viewers are safe and informed.” This brings to the forefront the horrific accidents that can occur when there are fireworks involved. Michigan has new firework laws that allow the sale of fireworks that are more powerful. Should this law have been passed? I say let’s leave the fireworks for the professionals so we can all enjoy the Fourth with less tragedies.


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