Deadly crash in Flint involving a State Trooper

On Thursday, July 3, 2014 there was a crash which involved a Michigan State Police cruiser. This happened on Flint’s north side. There was a short chase on North Street which involved the cruiser. The chase started at Stewart Avenue, around 4:30 p.m. The trooper was chasing a fleeing vehicle. The suspect refused to pull over and ran a stop sign. The trooper from the Flint post tried to pull the suspect’s car over when the trooper crashed into another vehicle traveling through the intersection. Consequently the suspect ran from the scene.

The intersection of North and Pierson is where the cruiser crashed with a Chevy HHR station wagon. This resulted in the flipping of the vehicle on its side on a front lawn. All of the three passengers in the Chevy HHR station were taken to Hurley Medical Center. One passenger died and the other two are listed in critical condition according to the State police. The officer driving was reported to be in stable condition however there was a passenger in the cruiser which was in critical condition. The civilian was doing a ride-along. “We had a short chase that resulted in a collision involving the squad car,’ said MSP Sgt. Rob Smith. “The car involved in the accident was not involved in the chase.”

This proves that accidents can happen at anytime and anywhere. Our daily lives lead us in many different directions. If by chance you happen to be in the area where there is a police chase happening the outcome can turn deadly. This is what happened in Flint just at the beginning of the Fourth of July weekend. An unfortunate reminder that sometimes accidents can happen even when we are doing nothing wrong other than being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

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