Detroit man dies while lighting fireworks, July 4, 2014

Another Fourth of July tragedy happened on Friday July 4, 2014. It is such a horrible event to take place on a day that is supposed to be filled with celebrations. Some people love to celebrate the July 4th weekend with barbeques and fireworks. A time to relax with friends and family and think of all the people that have fought for our freedom that we enjoy each and every day. The horrible accidents that occur with the use of fireworks needs to come to an end. Has Michigan’s fireworks laws become too broad? Unfortunately, one man has paid the ultimate price for playing with fire.

A Detroit man was killed on the Fourth of July when he was lighting fireworks. It was supposed to fly up in the air and instead it flew horizontally and hit him in the chest. Of course when it hit his chest the firework exploded. The accident occurred around 10:30 p.m. Paramedics rushed to the scene of Plainview near Whitlock where the man was pronounced dead at the scene. Michigan loosened its law on airborne fireworks in 2011. Many retailers assume they will sell more fireworks this weekend because the Fourth fell at the beginning of a long weekend which usually means there will be more celebrations.

Was it really a good idea back in 2011 to legalize the sale of a wider category of consumer fireworks in Michigan? The original idea was to help the state save around $8 million to $10 million annually that was being spent by Michigan residents who traveled to Indiana and Ohio for fireworks. There are also the fees for fireworks sales permits that range from $600 for a temporary location to $1000 for a permanent retail location, and there is a 6 percent tax on the sale of fireworks as well. If we would just leave the firework displays for the professionals that gentleman would have been able to wake up this morning and enjoy another magnificent Michigan summer day.







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