Your entitlement for compensation after a slip and fall injury in Michigan

When you get injury by falling down for tripping over or slipping on something, a slip and fall accident takes place. A slip and fall accident can be (i) when you walk, you trip over an obstruction- stump and fall accident; (ii) when you walk, you come across an unanticipated hole-step and fall accident; (iii) when you trip over an unfamiliar object-trip and fall accident. If you get injury by a slip and fall accident in on some other person’s property, you may be eligible for recompense for your injuries. Two familiar categories of injury claims are Trip & Fall and Slip & Fall cases; these are known as Premises Liability law suits. A slip and fall liability suit can be filed by an injured party who is hurt for the reason of the carelessness or negligence of another person. Owners of property and business establishments have a responsibility to ensure a safe environment of their premises. If you are injured as a consequence of a slip and fall accident, consult with an experienced Michigan slip and fall lawyer. An experienced Personal Injury Attorneys in Michigan can assist you to protect your rights after a slip and fall accident. Our Detroit personal injury lawyer can also explain the relevant laws to you.

Comparative liability for slip and fall accident in Michigan

Some of the hazardous environment which can cause injury and can be the source for a premises liability claim include stairways and steps that have been built by violating building safety codes, insufficient lighting, faulty flooring, hidden holes, inappropriately protected mats, standing puddles of water, clear ice, black ice, uncleared snow, unseen drop-offs.
Each party bears some degree of responsibility in a slip and fall lawsuit. The property owner has to demonstrate that he/she adopted reasonable care to maintain the property safe, and the injured party has to demonstrate that he/she applied reasonable care while walking on the hazardous surface. Michigan courts will consider the comparative liability of both the parties; that is, degree of responsibility the injured party bears and degree of responsibility the property owner bears for the injury. This comparative liability is then applied to compute how much the property owner will have to pay as compensation or damages to the injured party. If it is proved that you are more than fifty percent liable for your accident, you will not be able to recover any compensation from the other party.

Compensation for a Michigan slip and fall injury

If you get injury in a slip and fall accident in Michigan, you can be entitled to compensation for:
• All of your medical treatment bills connected to your slip and fall injuries;
• Permanent disability and disfigurement originated from the slip and fall accident;
• Emotional distress arising from the accident;
• The cost of hiring someone to do household tasks which you’re not able to do for the reason of your injury;
• The replacement or repair of any property which was destroyed or damaged by the accident;
• Lost wages for time absent from work which includes time spent going to consult the doctor and take physical therapy;
• Any upcoming earning ability lost owing to your injury;
• Any other costs you had to bear for the accident.

Time limitation to file a Michigan slip and fall claim

As per the provision of Michigan statute of limitations, you have three years from the date of your Michigan slip and fall injury to file a claim against the party at fault.

Where to file a Michigan slip and fall lawsuit

If your Michigan slip and accident claim is for less than $ 3,000, you need to file your personal injury lawsuit in the Michigan Small Claims Court that has jurisdiction. If the claim is for more than $ 3,000 but less than $ 25,000, you need to file your lawsuit in the appropriate Michigan District Court. If the claim is for more than $ 25,000, you need to file your lawsuit in the appropriate Michigan Circuit Court.

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