Fatal Accident on I-75 near Woodward Heights by Goldman & Associates

Prominent Michigan auto accident attorney from Goldman & Associates is saddened to report a fatal accident on I-75 on the evening of October 29. The victim, identified as Stacie Nicole Pennington, 40, from Harper Woods, Michigan was traveling south in her 1998 Cadillac on I-75 near Woodward Heights when she lost control of her. Eyewitnesses report that Ms. Pennington was thrown from her vehicle as it overturned. The Harper Woods native was taken to nearby Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, where she was pronounced dead that evening.

Police suspect road-rage may have contributed to the incident

Police are still in search of another driver suspected in connection with the fatal incident. Authorities believe that this second driver may have gotten into some type of “road-rage” altercation with the victim. Police describe the suspect’s vehicle as a white GMC pickup with tinted windows and a “Pure Michigan” license plate.

Overly aggressive drivers are not only a danger to themselves, but to all who share the road with them. Two statutes in the Michigan Vehicle Code may apply to these cases of “road rage”:

– Careless Driving (MCL 257.626b): This section states that someone who is driving in a “careless or negligent manner likely to endanger any person or property, but without wantonness or recklessness, is responsible for a civil infraction.” So for this statute to apply, an individual need not show intent to damage property or injury another person. Any driver who commits a negligent act which is deemed unsafe can be considered “careless.”

– Reckless Driving (MCL 257.626): This statute states that a driver who “in willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property is guilty of reckless driving.” To be considered a reckless driver, one must be fully aware of the hazardously negligent acts being committed (speeding, tailgating, driving on the shoulder) and continue to engage in them anyway.

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