Fatal skydiving accident

July 6, 2014, A man from Indiana has died in a skydiving accident. He was 70 years old. According to authorities in southern Michigan, the accident happened about 11 a.m. on Sunday. The Indiana man was pronounced dead at the scene. He was an experienced jumper who fell to earth near Pratt Avenue and Wooley Drive. This is located about a quarter-mile from Brooks Field. Brooks Field is located on approximately 140 acres adjacent to the L. Alta Brooks Industrial Park. There is a single east-west runway of 3,500 feet which serves a wide variety of aircraft.

The statement also says that an investigation is continuing and will involve the police and the Calhoun County medical examiner’s office as well. There is the possibility that the man may have jumped from a plane operated by Skydive Michigan, which leases space at Brooks Field. This is a city-owned, public-use airport which is located one nautical mile south of the central business district of Marshall, a city in Calhoun County, Michigan. Brooks Field was officially dedicated in 1931, although the first plane landed there on November 9, 1929.

As with any sport there comes a risk of injury. The authorities will investigate and put the pieces of this accident together to save lives in the future so this type of tragedy doesn’t occur again. According to Skydive Michigan website their aircraft is a Cessna 182. They are open seven days a week April-October, 9am to sunset. The site goes on to say that Skydive Michigan caters to all levels of skydiving and particularly to students just graduating from student status. The site also states that most jumpers are family-oriented individuals and come out for good, clean fun.

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