Hayride Crash Injures Nine in Milford, MI by Goldman & Associates

Expert lawyers in Michigan from Goldman & Associates are reporting on new information regarding a hayride accident in Milford Michigan. As previously reported, a wooden trailer carrying sixteen passengers at Milford’s Camp Dearborn tipped over, injuring multiple occupants. Nine individuals were sent to the hospital as a result of the incident with minor, non life-threatening injuries. Authorities now say that the driver of the truck pulling the hayride had been drinking and is expected to be criminally charged today.

Reports indicate the driver of the ride had been drinking on the day of the incident 

The 28-year-old man, thus far unnamed by authorities, reportedly had been drinking during the afternoon of the accident. Police report that a preliminary breath test administered to the driver on site showed that he had a blood alcohol level of .06%, below the legal limit (.08%) required for a drinking and driving arrest. The man stated that he had only been drinking “because it was his birthday.” Regardless of the occasion, the man faces criminal prosecution for his actions which put numerous lives at risk.

The driver, who has reportedly worked at Camp Dearborn for approximately a year, believes that the occupants were partially at fault for the crash. He claims that passengers had congregated to one side of the wagon to “throw hay” at oncoming hayrides. However, this claim has been reportedly disputed by several riders. According to the authorities, at least two of the riders reported that the wagon was traveling too fast, with one stating that the driver was “flying.”

As a result of the crash, nine individuals were taken to the hospital. Seven individuals were transported to Providence Park Hospital in Novi. Two others were treated at Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital in Commerce Township.

Although an investigation is still pending, the preliminary details indicate that both the driver and his employer could be liable for the damages suffered by the passengers. If indeed the man was drinking, (which the breath test confirmed) he should not have been permitted to transport the Camp’s patrons.

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