Heading up North for the Fourth? Don’t forget about safety!

It’s that time of year again! In Michigan you don’t have to look very far to see people enjoying our Great Lakes this time of year! Especially right around the July 4th weekend. A lot of families will be packing up the vans and grabbing the kids to head up north for a fun filled adventure. There are only so many days of nice summer weather to enjoy so why not take full advantage and head up north over the fourth! There is so much to do and so little time!

Always remember a few key safety issues before you make that trip. Since it is the firework season try to incorporate a nice fireworks show to enjoy with your family. It is much safer to go and watch a display than to try and set off the fireworks yourself. However with all of the new laws now in Michigan there are fireworks being sold on just about every corner you pass by. There will be a lot of brave souls lighting off their own firework displays. This will account for an abundant amount of injuries in all of our area hospitals this weekend. If you do decide to light your own fireworks please do so carefully and make sure to keep your children a safe distance away from them. Never allow a child to light off a firework!

Another safety issue to remember has to do with swimming. It is never a good idea to go swimming alone no matter what your age. However, if you do swim alone make sure there is no alcohol involved. There are some risk takers who do not even think twice before drinking a few beers and then going swimming. Not only is it very dangerous but you could be putting your life and the life of the person who tries to save you at risk. It is never a good idea to mix alcohol and swimming! Make sure there are sober adults around to watch your children swimming in the lake or the pool for that matter. Alcohol and water activities should not be mixed!

More than likely when the day comes to an end some of us will be sitting around the campfires. This is not a time to forget about safety issues! Do not allow your children to run around the campfire. There have been numerous accidents involving children falling in to the campfire. Don’t allow flip flops or sandals to be worn near the fire. These can often melt easily and can be a tripping hazard. Also be careful while making that yummy s’more. The roasting of marshmallows can be the favorite part of the weekend as long as there is adult supervision. Don’t allow your children to run around with the long pointed metal marshmallow roasting stick. There are some horrible accidents that have been the result of a child running around and getting severely injured.

Most of all have fun but never forget about safety!

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