Social media could be the enemy

There is a trail of evidence that is left on social media that Michigan Family Law Attorneys at Goldman & Associates are able to use. With the advancement of technology our personal lives are no longer private! Unfaithful spouses could have incriminating photos on Instagram, face book or Twitter. These posts can demonstrate an individual’s morals and bad habits.

Experienced in family law

At Goldman & Associates, Michigan Divorce Attorneys, we have experience in the area of family law. Many attorneys are advising their clients to stop using social channels to curb the amount of evidence online. There are numerous ways these items can have the ability to reveal a person’s state of mind, intent and evidence of times and places. Family law cases that use evidence from social media are a growing trend.

Face book could be dangerous

Family law lawyers and our Michigan Child Custody Attorneys are concerned with the trend in the area of social media. Divorce parties may be granted full access (including private and deleted data) to Face book or MySpace. Divorce parties can even be made to turn in any passwords and usernames for social networking sites. So if you are contemplating a divorce it is best to be very careful about what you are posting on these social networking sites

The proof is in the research

There have been studies done on this very topic. The research suggests that 65% of online adults us social media and an astounding 89% of those under 30 years of age use social media. No wonder many attorneys are advising their clients to stop using all social channels so to curb the amount of evidence on line. It is probably best to go back to “old school” ways of communicating i.e.: a phone call, a written letter or shall I dare say a face to face encounter with an old friend.

Consider yourself warned

If you are seeking a Michigan family law lawyer or a Alimony Attorney in Michigan please contact Goldman & Associates at (877) 737-8800. Many spouses do not realize that when they post a new picture of their brand new house, car or luxury trip it can be used as evidence. If you can afford all these items you certainly should be able to afford your child support. Just remember to be careful on what you post as it may come back to haunt you one day.

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