Protect your rights after a Michigan truck accident

Vehicles having a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of more than 10,000 pounds have been defined as commercial trucks in Michigan. The victim needs to make contact with the nearby police department and seek medical attention for all injuries right away after a truck accident in Michigan. Do not forget to inform and record any minor hurt which may seem not as much important as more severe injuries. Premature masking of major injuries without recording them makes it complicated to link them to the truck accident. In Michigan, it is essential to collect contact information of passengers and witnesses associated with a truck accident. This information is tremendously significant for the reason that the truck driver who caused the accident will most likely modify the story of the incident. Moreover, it turns out to be much more complex to establish negligence if witness information is not recorded at the place of occurrence, or if it is absent in the police investigation report. As per the provisions of federal and state law, trucking companies are required to maintain records of drivers’ hours and safety inspections. These records may prove liability against the trucking company for the reason that bad apparatus and driver tiredness cause many truck accidents. However, after a specified period of time, trucking companies may lawfully dispose log books and pre-trip inspection documents. Therefore, a truck accident is quite dissimilar from a car accident. It is very important that an experienced Michigan truck accident lawyer be retained soon after the incident and before important records are legally or intentionally destroyed.

Notify auto insurance company & file an application for benefits

After a truck accident, Michigan auto no fault insurance companies must be informed. Under the Michigan statute of limitations, you have one-year time limit to report your own or first-party no fault insurance company about a truck accident, and to file an application for benefits. You have a three-year time limit to file a lawsuit against the negligent driver’s or third-party truck insurance company. You will be required to fill up a prescribed form to obtain five important benefits: wage loss, medical fees, attendant care, replacement services and mileage. The form can be obtained from your auto insurance company. Be exact and thorough as much as possible, and do not forget to mention all of your injuries and impairments. Many contracts have different provisions for uninsured and underinsured coverage, which may require on time notification of an accident. Therefore, if a truck accident victim fails to submit for a claim on time, he/she may lose this significant coverage. That is why it is important to cautiously assess your whole auto insurance policy by experienced Michigan Personal Injury attorneys after a truck accident. It is vital to promptly evaluate your Michigan auto no fault insurance policy and any supplementary contractual coverage you may have. There might be some familiar drawbacks and ambiguities created by some usual auto insurance policies. If your policy is coordinated, it will imply that that if you have a health insurance at the time of the truck accident, your health insurance pays first and the remaining balance will be paid by your auto no fault insurance company. A truck accident victim may be entitled to obtain a “double dip recovery” if the victim has uncoordinated coverage policy. It will not be wise for you to furnish declarations to a Michigan auto accident claims adjuster and to sign a release or permit the adjuster to look at the auto damage. Many people sign adjusters’ documents without reviewing the language of the documents by a Detroit personal injury lawyers. By doing so, chances are that they will lose their right to sue the negligent truck driver and the trucking company for injuries connected to the accident. Claims adjusters frequently try to attain recorded statements early, with the aim of minimizing pain and injuries of the accident victim for afterward use in court. Even limited property damage releases may have unconnected words releasing all personal injuries suffered from a truck accident.

Filing a lawsuit against the negligent driver

For filing a lawsuit against the negligent driver that caused the accident, Michigan law requires that victims injured in a commercial truck accident must be able to demonstrate a serious impairment of body function. It implies that if the victim cannot explain how his/her life is different after the truck accident than it was before, it is very less likely that he will have a successful case.

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