Hayride Crash Injures Nine in Milford, MI by Goldman & Associates

Hayride Crash Injures Nine in Milford, MI by Goldman & Associates
Expert lawyers in Michigan from Goldman & Associates are reporting on new information regarding a hayride accident in Milford Michigan. As previously reported, a wooden trailer carrying sixteen passengers at Milford’s Camp Dearborn tipped over, injuring multiple occupants. Nine individuals were sent to the hospital as a result of the incident with minor, non life-threatening injuries. Authorities now say that the driver of the truck pulling the hayride had been drinking and is expected to be criminally charged today.
Reports indicate the driver of the ride …

Fatal Accident on I-75 near Woodward Heights

Fatal Accident on I-75 near Woodward Heights by Goldman & Associates
Prominent Michigan auto accident attorney from Goldman & Associates is saddened to report a fatal accident on I-75 on the evening of October 29. The victim, identified as Stacie Nicole Pennington, 40, from Harper Woods, Michigan was traveling south in her 1998 Cadillac on I-75 near Woodward Heights when she lost control of her. Eyewitnesses report that Ms. Pennington was thrown from her vehicle as it overturned. The Harper Woods native was taken to nearby Beaumont Hospital in Royal …

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips by Michigan Personal Injury Lawyers

Expert Michigan personal injury attorney provides tips on how to keep your kids safe this Halloween weekend. Despite the good intentions of all involved, each year’s Halloween celebrations inevitably prove harmful to some unfortunate trick-or-treaters. Venturing onto others’ property always comes with inherent risks. Those risks are obviously heightened on this holiday, as children across the country walk the streets in the dark and receive goods from relative strangers. Here are a few helpful tips to ensure that your child has a fun and safe Halloween this year.
Inspect all of your child’s candy …

What to do if You were in a Bus Accident in Michigan

What to do if You were in a Bus Accident in Michigan
Do you know what to do if you are in a bus accident in Michigan? Do your kids take a bus to school? Do you take the bus to work or to go shopping? Do you ride the bus for nice scenic vacations? If so, you run the risk of being involved in a bus accident. Here is some information to help you out if you ever need it.
Key things to remember if you have been in a bus accident in Michigan:

Do …

Suspicious Neighbor Helps to Catch A Thief in Macomb Township

Suspicious Neighbor Helps to Catch A Thief in Macomb Township
Expert criminal defense attorney in Michigan is reporting that a thief was caught this morning thanks to a suspicious neighbor in Macomb Township. Mike Tiseo, a resident of a subdivision at 23 Mile and Card Roads, noticed a suspicious man walking from a neighbor’s house around 3:00a.m. this morning. He called the Macomb County Sherriff’s Department to report the incident.
Mr. Tiseo noticed a car pull up without its lights on. When the car pulled up in front of a house, a man ran from the house and got …

How to Prevent a Divorce in Michigan

How to Prevent a Divorce in Michigan
By: Michigan Lawyers
Michigan has enacted what is known as a no-fault divorce system. This enables residents of Michigan to obtain a divorce without establishing that the other party did something wrong. In other words, dissolution of the marriage past a reasonable point of reconciliation is sufficient grounds to provide for a divorce. Issues of ‘fault’ may, however, still enter into determination of division of the marital estate or in the event of a dispute over child custody. While this law has arguably …

Trayvon Martin Verdict Controversial Criminal Trial

Verdict Controversial in Trayvon Martin Criminal Trial
There is no doubt that the Trayvon Martin criminal case has generated a lot of attention around the country. There were always going to be a lot of angry people on one side or the other. The one thing that I think everyone can agree on is the fact that what happened is a tragedy for everyone involved. Based on some of the things you read about in the newspapers or hear on the radio, it seems like there is a lot of incorrect information regarding George Zimmerman’s not guilty verdict and self-defense.
Self-defense allows …

Child custody lawyers of Michigan – simplify your custody issues

Child custody lawyers of Michigan – simplify your custody issues
At Goldman & Associates we employ some of the most outstanding Michigan child custody attorneys As you may already know child custody may seem like a daunting task to a parent. Possibly you feel scared, confused or maybe even a little frustrated with all the new terminology headed your way. Hopefully this article will help to put your mind at ease.
Child custody and the circuit court
Let’s cover some of the basic terms that a Michigan child custody lawyer may use. The circuit court is …

Michigan Family Law Firm Discusses Social Media

Social media could be the enemy
There is a trail of evidence that is left on social media that Michigan Family Law Attorneys at Goldman & Associates are able to use. With the advancement of technology our personal lives are no longer private! Unfaithful spouses could have incriminating photos on Instagram, face book or Twitter. These posts can demonstrate an individual’s morals and bad habits.
Experienced in family law
At Goldman & Associates, Michigan Divorce Attorneys, we have experience in the area of family law. Many attorneys are advising their clients to stop using social channels to curb the amount of …

Insurance Policy Denied Claims

Was Your Insurance Policy Claim Denied in Michigan?
If your Michigan claim has been denied, read the terms of your insurance policy and call your agent. If you feel like you have a legitimate claim, but your insurer refuses to pay, visit your state’s government website. Depending on where you are, it may provide information on who to contact in the event that your insurance claim has been denied. Often times, your State will investigate your claim to determine whether your insurer should be on the hook for what you have lost.
If your state does not provide such a service to …