Sterling Heights family had a fireworks display in their garage-July 4, 2014

Seems as though luck was sort of on the side of a Sterling Heights family when their garage set on fire. You might be thinking “that doesn’t seem very lucky to me”. Well let’s examine this a little closer. What started this blaze is still unclear. The garage is attached to their home so in the event of a fire in the garage it could easily continue into the house. Knowing this information it seems a likely deduction that one would be extremely careful as to what was being kept in the garage. However, someone decided the garage would be a good place to store dynamite, I mean fireworks, and this is where the luck comes in.

I don’t think anyone would even consider storing dynamite in a building that was attached to another building where you and your loved ones sleep. But, that is exactly what happened on Arlene Street in Sterling Heights. The flames were already through the roof of the garage when firefighters rolled up on the scene. Of course any fire is dangerous and potentially life threatening however when there are fireworks being stored inside a building this makes the situation especially unstable. It was pure luck that the whole house didn’t go up in flames. Are Michigan laws tough enough in regards to fireworks?

How would you feel if your house was next to a garage where someone had a bunch of explosives being stored? Some might argue that just about every garage has some sort of element of danger, for example gasoline. But remember fireworks are set to explode after they have been ignited and some of them are supposed to shoot up in the air for many feet in all different directions. Kind of scary when you think about it. The Sterling Heights family is very lucky indeed that the only thing they lost was a garage. For additional information, see more at

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