Suspicious Neighbor Helps to Catch A Thief in Macomb Township

Expert criminal defense attorney in Michigan is reporting that a thief was caught this morning thanks to a suspicious neighbor in Macomb Township. Mike Tiseo, a resident of a subdivision at 23 Mile and Card Roads, noticed a suspicious man walking from a neighbor’s house around 3:00a.m. this morning. He called the Macomb County Sherriff’s Department to report the incident.

Mr. Tiseo noticed a car pull up without its lights on. When the car pulled up in front of a house, a man ran from the house and got into the car. When the Sheriff’s deputies arrived, they found a Clinton Township man going through unlocked cars and stealing items.

It is reported that the man’s pregnant girlfriend was acting as his lookout while he committed the crimes. At the time of his arrest, the man was found in possession of a stolen debit card. This was most likely taken from one of the cars. Neither suspect has been identified at this time. Both have been arrested and charged with breaking and entering as well as possession of a stolen debit card.

The girlfriend can be accused of a crime even if she was just the lookout or getaway driver for the man committing the crime. Knowledge of, and participation in a crime, can be the same as actually committing the crime. Her charges may be able to be negotiated down to aiding and abetting with the help of a criminal defense lawyer.

You should never leave your car unlocked. The obvious reason is because the wrong person can simply open the door and take anything of value. The not so obvious reason is that your open car may give a thief or other criminal easy access to your home. Think about it. Where do you keep your garage door opener? Is your garage attached to your house? If the criminal can get into your garage he or she can easily get into your home. You may be a person who does not lock your entry door through the garage because you think the garage door is always closed and no one can get in. Even if the entry door to your home is locked, having a criminal in your garage where no one can see what he is doing is unsafe. That criminal has all of the time in the world to get into your home because no one can see him in the garage. Most people even keep an ample amount of tools in their garage. These are tools the criminal can use to break in or attack you when you walk out. Keeping your car door locked is more important than you may realize. Never give a criminal a reason to make you their next victim. Criminals like things easy. If your doors are locked and your driveway is lit, the criminal is more likely to move on to another home. For additional information, please visit

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