Verdict Controversial in Trayvon Martin Criminal Trial

There is no doubt that the Trayvon Martin criminal case has generated a lot of attention around the country. There were always going to be a lot of angry people on one side or the other. The one thing that I think everyone can agree on is the fact that what happened is a tragedy for everyone involved. Based on some of the things you read about in the newspapers or hear on the radio, it seems like there is a lot of incorrect information regarding George Zimmerman’s not guilty verdict and self-defense.

Self-defense allows one to use reasonable force. Much of what has been reported in the media about this defense is misguided from an intent standpoint in the sense that this defense does not mean that a defendant lacked the intent to kill. There is no doubt that when Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin, he intended to kill him. Instead, the defense justifies that intent. The second important thing to know about self-defense is that the initial aggressor may still claim this defense. Once the “table has been turned” on the initial aggressor, and the original victim goes above and beyond what is considered reasonable force to protect himself, the initial aggressor is justified in defending himself. Could the initial aggressor have been charged with other non-homicide type of offenses? It is likely, but it is clear that the prosecution was all in on obtaining a homicide conviction and wanted to avoid giving the jury a choice.

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